Among us, there is a door that opens to an equitable, multiracial democracy in the future. Solidarity is the key.

about us

Solidarity Futures is devoted to building, amplifying, and fighting for an equitable multiracial democracy.

Solidarity is finding someone who not only has the same desire that you have but is willing to take swift action to satisfy that desire to its fullest extent. Solidarity is the power of choice — the choice to be united by a single thread to one another, for better or worse. Solidarity has the potential to uncover the power of the individual and the collective. It is a power that is within you, for you, and for the highest good of all those with whom you are connected.

our communities

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Our communities exist to grow the spirit of the warmth, strength, imagination, and accountability that solidarity provides.

Sol Squad for Women of Color

An opportunity to explore the experience you want to have as a woman of color in your individual lives and your communities.

Sol Squad for White Women

An opportunity to explore the experience and power white women have as we work to build a racially just home, community, and country.

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