Sol Squad for White Women

Welcoming, transformative, safe

The aim of Sol Squad for White Women is to be an antidote: a place to reflect, understand, and bring about whole lives that are more aligned with the values of racial justice and equity.

About Sol Squad
for White Women

Sol Squad is self-care by self-study while showing up for others and being part of a collective

As women, we know about collective power. From Shirley Chisholm to Dolores Huerta to Charitie Ropait to so many more. We know how to build and inhabit power that is intended for many, not just a few. And, we have the ability to direct our power and agency toward the smallest details and our highest ideals. 

Sol Squad for White Women is an opportunity to explore the kind of political (and communal) experience and power white women have as we work to build a racially just home, community, and country. Together, women in these gatherings spend time becoming more familiar with and gaining a deeper understanding of how identities and values show up in all aspects of our lives, particularly with respect to policy and politics. Conversations are of thoughts, emotions, embodiment, and synthesis — starting from a particular topic, anchored by short common readings, but exploring whatever issues our reflection and experience raise.

How it Works

Sol Squad meets online, for 75 minutes each week, at the same day and time, for eight weeks. Each week, we’ll focus on one issue from different perspectives. I’ll provide topics for and facilitate the first four weeks, and the Squad will decide on a topic and facilitating member for each of the second four weeks. 

Time is our most precious resource. For your investment, our goal is that each of us will come away with a greater understanding of ourselves, other women of color, and the issues that affect us all, and greater illumination of the power we hold as individuals and as a collective.

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